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Leasing a car has to be easy, accessible and economical for everyone, whether you are self-employed or a private individual, run a small or a large organisation. But leasing is often complicated, time consuming and expensive. Lizy wants to eliminate the troubles from the leasing process by providing transparent all-in prices, flexible contracts and a range of young, high-quality second-hand cars with immediate availability, so you can hit the road without paying an excessive price.


Lizy was started by young entrepreneurs, Sam Heymans and Vincent Castus. The goal of Lizy is, first of all, to make the lives of other entrepreneurs easier. They noticed that SMEs and self-employed entrepreneurs often slip through the net at the large leasing companies: neither the service, nor the prices are adjusted to their needs. Thanks to the easy and economical leasing contracts of Lizy, you and your employees are able to focus on what is important and don’t have to waste any precious time on endless comparing and negotiating.