Why we do this, where we want to go?

Our vision

Ecological footprint

What on earth do plants and flowers have to do with purchasing software here on the site? Very simple. With YuCopia we want to facilitate the reduction of the ecological footprint of companies in our way.

We have developed various filters with which you can specifically choose from products that are eco-certified. Laura, our virtual purchasing assistant, offers you alternative products that have been produced locally.

Our virtual “cross dock” ensures that we 100% consolidate orders for goods within the companies themselves and behind the scenes we are moving beacons to make this virtual cross dock also physical in order to drastically optimize the last mile delivery. Which will have a huge impact on the CO2 emissions related to our deliveries. For the time being, this website here still has brown and gray plants and flowers, but we will continue to innovate until everything here turns beautifully green.

Multinational vs multilocal

Due to the fact that we have digitized the entire purchasing process and that our users are “one” in the eyes of (the CRM system of) our suppliers, this enables us to obtain very far-reaching discounts and benefits.

It seems unlikely, but with YuCopia you can permanently purchase at the same discounts that multinationals receive. Because we centralize, digitize and consolidate all purchases, delivery notes and invoices (with a unique fingerprint), this makes the delivery process much easier for our suppliers. They, therefore, regard all YuCopia customers as one. As a result, we receive the same discounts as large companies and multinationals that purchase in large volumes.

This is how we shift the purchasing power of multinationals to multilocals: the YuCopia users.

You can, therefore, regard our approach as a permanent group purchase, regardless of whether you purchase 1 item or 10.000, because the price per item remains based on the price that you would receive if you purchased 10.000 items.

Our vision

Shift van distributie- naar aankoopkracht

Have you ever tried negotiating prices with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors being a small business entrepreneur, freelancer or manager of a medium-sized business? Not evident and especially very time consuming. As a multilocal, YuCopia finally offers you the possibilities usually only multinationals with a large procurement department are able to enjoy.

YuCopia offers a type of permanent group purchase, but with the difference that you don’t have to purchase in the group and therefore also don’t have to wait until a critical volume of buyers has registered before you are able to benefit from the group advantages.

By doing so, the power of the large distributors and manufacturers shifts towards the power of the purchasers while offering a win-win situation for both parties.

IoT: “Hi, my name is IoT”

A.I.: “Yes, I already knew”

In addition to physical persons, also machines will be able to place orders in the second phase of YuCopia. In a smart office environment, the printer will notify YuCopia that it’s out of ink and that it wants to place an order. Laura will first check in the smart economat if there is still ink in stock. Which should be the case, as the smart economat itself places orders for items as soon as a certain threshold is reached (minimum stock).

The physical validator has provided Laura with the rights to approve all orders placed by the smart economat. The items are pushed by the transporter into the smart economat and Laura prepares a new inventory based on UAF/RFID scans. The inventory is updated automatically. There was no manual labour involved from the process of ordering to making an inventory of the new delivery (except during the transport).


The initial and reasonable disruptive ultimate vision of YuCopia revolves around disintermediation or skipping the intermediaries between end customers and manufacturers. Many “in betweens” in one sentence, but one constant factor: the knowledge that a large part of the margin “stays behind” at every “in between”.  

Our vision

We are convinced that between today and a certain amount of time, the consumer will be ordering his Becel (brand of butter) directly at Unilever. Or even more. That the smart Samsung fridge uses IoT to notice it’s out of Becel and will place an order directly at Unilever without the intervention of any distributor whatsoever. But obviously following the validation of the owner of the fridge through an intelligent ordering software. Science fiction? Perhaps, but particularly something worth thinking about.

What do you need to make this model profitable and to ensure that the margins are effectively reallocated between end customers and manufacturers? In short: 3 pillars.

1. A software that fully facilitates the ordering process according to blockchain principles

2. A financial revolution where a number of financial intermediate steps are optimised (smart contracting in blockchain)

3. A solution for the last mile deliveries

Step one already exists (YuCopia), step two is currently in full revolution and step 3 is being elaborated together with SDN (Smart Distribution Network) as we speak. But without a doubt, the disintermediation and smart contracting principles based on the blockchain principle, form the cornerstone of our contemporary future economic models.